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Why not give yourself an extra chance to lose those last few stubborn pounds? The Slimdoo® Tonic bracelet will soon become your new BFF when it comes to reaching your weight loss goals! Boost your chances of losing weight, feeling better and filling up on all-important energy! Wear this elegant bracelet with pride! This is a great way of re-energising your meridian points through the incredible properties of copper, magnets and germanium. What about your nearest and dearest? Could they benefit from this amazing bracelet? ***

RelaxReduce Stress

There's no magic solution when it comes to unwinding or losing weight. But why not put all the odds in your favour? Give yourself every chance? Copper and magnets have been used for their incredible positive properties for generations Germanium is also a very beneficial material in terms of energy. The Slimdoo® Tonic bracelet combines these three elements in this single piece of jewellery! We believe this is something that could really help you! It is elegant, light and so lovely to wear! If you want to slim down, relax, tone up, reduce your stress levels, build self-confidence... this is the bracelet for you! You won't want to be without it.***

For youFor your friends and family

Why not treat yourself to this amazing accessory today? It'll really give you a helping hand when it comes to reaching your goals. This magnificent magnetic bracelet in copper with germanium will look amazing on your wrist. And why not think about Slimdoo® Tonic for your friends and family? Delivered straight to your door in a stunning velvet pouch. Tip: order several and then you'll always have a new one (you might lose one... you never know) or you'll be able to give one to a friend or relative (for a birthday, for someone who wants to trim down, someone who is afraid of flying, someone who suffers from anxiety, someone who has an exam to take...).***

Effects of your magnetic, copper and germanium bracelet:

Tone up

Slim down

Suppress your appetite

Get ahead

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